The History of Burnt Store Marina

The Bass Brothers of Texas, F. D. Rich of Connecticut, Al Hoffman & Will Stout of Florida and most recently the Koch Brothers…
…Burnt Store Marina has been shaped by an impressive list of Real Estate Icons!
This low-key marina facility located down a quiet country road was said to have been used as temporary fish camp prior to the 1970’s. The development of the marina community started in 1973, when three former CIA agents – Al Johns, Bud Cole, and Sam Burchers – and their friend Bob Barbee (who developed Punta Gorda Isles and Burnt Store Isles, aka Punta Gorda Isles, Inc or PGI), registered the subdivision plat with Lee county.
They reshaped the ponds previously used as fish camps to create the marina basins, installed the seawalls surrounding the basins and cut a channel to connect with Charlotte Harbor.
In the late 70’s and early 80’s Punta Gorda Isles started building several condominium complexes in the community: Southshore, NorthShore, Capstan, Spinnaker Club, Halyard Club, Rudder Club, and Keel Club; as well as the community restaurant then known as Salty’s.

Sid Bass

The Bass Brothers of Texas got involved with the community in the mid 80’s through their investment in the Punta Gorda Isles entity. By the late 80’s, the community was sold out to F.D. Rich and Co. from Connecticut, who in turn continued the development in the community by adding more condominiums, part of the golf course, slips in the marina, and a fitness and tennis club inthe at-the-time main Administration building off Matecumbe Key,which no longer exists.

Tom Rich

In the early 90’s, the community was purchased from The Resolution TrustCompany (RTC) by Al Hoffman of Florida Design Communities, and he subsequently acquired WCI from Westinghouse. Both of these Hoffman-controlled entities left a major impact on the marina community, as they developed and marketed hundreds of condominiums and houses through nationwide marketing initiatives.

Al Hoffman

In December 2000, WCI sold the marina and restaurant to an existing developer in the community, Will Stoutof RealMark from Atlanta. Stout made a subsequent purchase in 2005 to include the remaining amenities and developable land from WCI.

Will Stout


Ten to 15 years later, the marina and its amenities were temporarily controlled by an investment group out of Minneapolis after one of their affiliates took over Stouts mortgages.
The marina property was once again purchased by Safe Harbor of Dallas, Texas on January 1, 2017 – the largest marina owner-operator in the world.

Safe Harbor is perhaps the best owner-operator in the history of Burnt Store, as their business is to professionally own and operate first-class marinas throughout the US. In the summer of 2018, the Koch Brothers purchased a sizable interest in Safe Harbor through their subsidiary Koch Real Estate Investments (also based in Dallas).

Koch Brothers

Burnt Store Marina is truly a unique community that has evolved from the contribution of numerous successful entrepreneurs over the years. Today, the marina is flourishing; the community is vibrant. Fishing, boating, golf, tennis, fitness and other amenities all offer residents a taste of the Florida lifestyle.

*Subsequently the residents of the community purchased the community’s irrigation system, golf course, fitness center and some land back from the investment group in March of 2017
Several names and facts obtained from ebook “Where down live”, written by a Burnt Store resident Graham Segga

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