The Boomers are Coming

It is official…..10,000 new baby boomers reach retirement age every day. Notwithstanding this milestone, they are not all opting to leave their employment and head to the links or a life of leisure.
According to the most recent census figures (April 2017), the number of American boomers has dropped to 74.1 million people or 23% of the U.S. population. The Diamond Institute reports that 42% of this group is planning to move out of state, with the number one reason being climate. Safety and high quality of life are top considerations for a potential relocation. Interestingly, 44% of the boomers surveyed said they intended to “upsize” as they have been living modestly and saving their money in anticipation of this potential change.
Publications like Forbes have the City of Punta Gorda and Port Charlotte as one of the best places to retire in the country. Florida, being one of the only southern states with no state income tax, is a big consideration for boomers with a pension or significant retirement income.
Our area offers the high quality of life that Boomers are looking for: a recreational lifestyle with a variety of boating opportunities, biking and walking, tennis and pickleball, and quick access to some of the nation’s best beaches. Cultural amenities attract many, with art galleries, annual festivals, concerts, and theatre. We have access to quality medical care, and have some of the lowest crime rates in the country. No wonder so many Boomers are setting sail for Punta Gorda!

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