Preparing to sell your home?

When you are contemplating selling your home, it is helpful to recognize that your home will now need to be merchandised for sale…just like a car in a showroom, or a dress in a dress shop.  The best used car lots, or upscale consignment shops always ensure that they take what ever steps possible to make their products look new and well cared for.  The same holds true for your house.

Prospective buyers will gain confidence when entering a home if they sense it is well cared for.  It starts at the curb with tidy landscape, a crisp coat of paint, shiny new door hardware and an inviting drive and walkway.

Inside, Jen’s mantra is always “crisp and clean”! A house should smell clean, have unblemished floors and walls and sparkling windows to put it in its best light! Light bright and airy is what buyers are looking for.

Jennifer and her team are always ready to pitch in and offer complimentary staging to help their clients get their homes ready for sale. Preparing a home for photography is one of the most important steps in the listing process.

Jen is always happy to help provide guidance through the preparation process, so give her a call for free advice. Below are some detailed tips for preparing your home.

Getting your home photo ready!


  • Clean the house. For buyers, dirt is the biggest turnoff.
  • Remove clutter
  • Use paint to transform the rooms. A neutral color is generally best (Today, light gray is in style)


  • Remove excessive furniture to add “space” to the rooms
  • Put a new comforter on the bed, make beds, and arrange decorative pillows
  • Clear surfaces of clutter


  • Remove as many personal items from view as possible
  • If necessary, buy a new set of coordinating towels for display
  • Cleanliness is crucial—shower doors, faucets, and knobs should shine. Clean mirrors and shower doors
  • Close toilet lid, hide wastebasket, take up extra rugs and bath mats

Living Areas

  • Remove extra rugs, and heavy window treatments to make the rooms look bright
  • Make sure all light bulbs work
  • Remove excessive furnishings, and leave only a few wall hangings
  • Remove any extra leaves from dining table, remove tablecloth, and polish the table top

Exterior and Lanai

  • Tidy the landscaping, removing dead leaves, branches, and pruning back overgrown shrubbery
  • Sweep driveways, sidewalks, and patios
  • Clean pool deck, or have it pressure washed if needed
  • Hide pool hose equipment


  • Clear counters as much as possible by removing small appliances from counters
  • Remove photos and notes from refrigerator
  • Wipe down cabinets and counters