Frequently Asked Questions: Sellers

What should I consider when hiring a Realtor?

We encourage you to ask lots of questions! Ask about track record (how many houses they sell each year), references, experience (how long they have been in the business or a related business), and how well that Realtor knows your neighborhood. Find out what they will do to market your home. Since you will be dealing with this individual throughout the process, make sure you are comfortable with them, and that they will be accessible.

What can I expect at a listing consultation with Jen?

Jen will visit you and identify the key selling features of your home. She will provide comparable home sales to help identify what your home is worth, and you will price the home together. She will explain how we will market your home, and come up with a game plan to get it sold.

What are some low-cost ways to prepare my home for sale?

Make sure it’s clean. Declutter. Remove extra furniture. Add a fresh coat of paint… it goes a long way! Ensure landscape is trimmed and add some colorful flowers. Power wash if necessary.