January 2018 Market Update: Back to Normal

Punta Gorda Real Estate Update

2017 Year-End Sales for Punta Gorda and Burnt Store

Local Real Estate Sales Statistics for 2017

Average Selling Prices

For those of us that have experienced the radical rise and fall of our local real estate market, the sight of continued new construction...

The Boomers are Coming

It is official…..10,000 new baby boomers reach retirement age every day. Notwithstanding this milestone, they are not all...

Consumer Trends and The Modern Home Buyer

The modern home buyer is tech savvy, cost conscious, and is looking for a high quality of life. People are flocking toward...

Punta Gorda Building on the Rise

This article from the Charlotte Sun on Saturday confirms what you see when you are riding around Punta Gorda. Our lovely small town is still growing..

Huge Parcel Sold Near Tucker’s Grade!

There was an exciting article in today’s Charlotte Sun. We have been waiting for new development near I-75 for a long time. Joe Boff, the developer...

Higher Education; Better Future for our Area

This article in this morning’s Sun Newspaper shows some of the potential that Western Michigan University will give to our area. Our future is....

Market Update for the Punta Gorda Area

This is a Video Market Update from Jennifer Calenda regarding the Punta Gorda Area....

Southwest Florida Mortgage News

News on the lending front is pretty good. I am happy to be able to share this video from Nathan Davis, a local mortgage officer. He always has great..

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